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At Allstate, we understand the need for quick , safe, and effective pest control solutions that are designed to do just that, work quickly , safely and be extremely effective. Allstate uses superior pest control technologies while designing a prescription treatment that fits your particular needs and because your homes problem is unique, Allstate designs a Prescription Care treatment designed just for you. Allstate will eradicate your unwanted pests while allowing you to enjoy a pest free life, without the worry of pests coming back.

Allstate's finely tuned Prescription Care pest control program is deigned to fit the needs of your particular problem. We are the experts in pest eradication and prevention for homeowners in the coastal regions of Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia.

Allstate services our Chesapeake Bay Areas and understands the need for extreme caution in choosing the safest most effective chemical for pest eradication,  all the while protecting it's delicate location at all times. As always Allstate  provides services that protect health, food, property and the quality of our precious environment.

The Chesapeake Bay is the largest estuary in the United States. It lies off the Atlantic Ocean, surrounded by Maryland and Virginia. The Chesapeake Bay's drainage basin covers 64,299 square miles  in the District of Columbia and parts of six states: New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia. More than 150 rivers and streams drain into our bay.


You can put your trust in the Allstate Prescription Care Services to eliminate any pest problem you may currently have quickly , safely and effectively, all the while keeping it that way indefinitely.

Termites! Is my home at risk?

"Allstate, superior pest control technologies, guaranteed professional service"