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Bed Bugs

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Bed bugs can be everywhere and anywhere. Infestations occur in places such as motels and hotels (even the high class ones), offices, gyms, stores and daycares. Bed bugs can infiltrate your belongings, luggage, and even your own body, and will have a new home in your house, apartment or condo. A bed bug infestation is difficult to control without the aid of professional services, and that's where we come in.

Allstate specializes in bed bug removal for both residential and commercial buildings. We offer a bed bug protection policy to ensure your peace of mind. With a protection policy, we will:

- Eliminate the high costs of bed bug treatments
- Offer professional certified inspections
- Provide in-depth written reports
- Provide necessary treatments
- Give blanket coverage, control all pests for one low premium. Excludes wood destroying insects.

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